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Mr. El-Shareef's experience as a highly qualified lawyer spans nearly three decades; ever since he obtained his law degree from Beirut Arab University in 1977.

Throughout that time, Mr. El-Shareef has provided his legal services and dedicated his expertise to many of the leading companies, banks and individuals throughout Jordan and abroad in the form of legal advice, legal documentation, conciliation, mediation, and litigation.

Up to this date, his efforts have been employed to provide the very best legal assistance possible to our clients, which he has done in coordination with his lawyer and legal consultant colleagues.

Mr. El-Shareef is a member on several boards of directors for public and private limited companies, and is the head of senior investigation committees in a few public limited companies, as required by the Jordan Securities Commission.

Mr. El-Shareef is a firm believer in the importance of conciliation between his clients and their adversaries, and consistently aims to facilitate that.

E-mail: jihad.el-shareef@el-shareef.com

Jihad S. El-Shareef

Ola J. El-Shareef

Miss El-Shareef is one of the dynamic and successful young lawyers achieving great results at Jihad El-Shareef & Associates with fluency in Arabic and English. She was admitted to the Jordan Bar Association in 2008 following intensive legal training at one of the active banks in Jordan. She attained her LLM in International Commercial Law from Kingston University in the United Kingdom, and has an LLB from the University of Jordan.

Miss El-Shareef is specialized in International Commercial Law, Contract Law and Litigation, and has experience with several high-profile clients.

E-mail: ola.el-shareef@el-shareef.com


Mr. El-Shareef has proven to be an up and coming lawyer in the regional market, having quickly established himself as a disciplined achiever since his admission to the Jordan Bar Association in 2009. His rigorous educational and professional background includes having attained his LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law from University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom and his LLB from the University of Jordan. Additionally, he has taken several certified courses in legal topics, languages, writing and translation at various respected training centers.

Mr. El-Shareef is a legal Counsel at one of the leading banks in the region. He provides legal advice and services on a part-time basis and is consulted in various matters and cases in his fields of expertise. Multilingual with fluency in Arabic, English and French, Mr. El-Shareef is specialized in Banking Law, Companies Law, Commercial Law and Contract Law.

E-mail: eyad.el-shareef@el-shareef.com

Eyad J. El-Shareef


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